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Extra Strength Tylenol (also commonly known as Tylenol 500) is a potent analgetic that contains more acetaminophen than other Tylenol formulations. It is available in different forms that include tablets, gelcaps, caplets and liquid solution. Each Extra Strength Tylenol dosage (e.g., a tablet or a tablespoon of liquid solution) contains 500mg pure acetaminohen, which is 200 mg more than in Tylenol 3 formulation.

Extra Strength Tylenol is indicated for the temporary reduction of fever and as a pain relief in cases of the common cold, headache, toothache, muscular aches, backache, pain of osteoarthritis, and menstrual cramps.

Like other Tylenol products, Extra Strength Tylenol contains no aspirin, naproxen sodium, ketoprophen and ibuprophen. That is why Tylenol is unlikely to cause stomach irritation which may be one of the adverse effects when using medications that contain these substances.

But Extra Strength Tylenol's active ingredient (acetaminophen) may cause liver damage in case of overdose. You should be especially careful when you take Tylenol with other medicines containing acetaminophen. The maximum dose of acetaminophen for adults is 1000mg at a time, and 4000mg per day. Remember that in Extra Strenght Tylenol the amount of acetaminophen is already rather high, and combining it with other pain-killers or fever reducers can be risky.

Do not use Extra Strength Tylenol for children under 12 years of age. Adults and children over 12 years are normally recommended to take 1-2 doses (tablets, gelcaps, tablespoons of liquid solution, etc) of Tylenol every 4 to 6 hours. Remember that in case of Extra Strength Tylenol you should not exceed 8 doses per day which make the 4000mg altogether.

Do not take Tylenol Extra Strength products for more than 10 days if pain lasts or gets worse. In case of fever, Tylenol should normally be stopped if illness symptoms get worse or last for more than 3 days.

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